Why you should choose Armour Cork


Thermal CorkShield™ is the most advanced green energy product on the market right now. Our product brings the amazing natural characteristics that cork has, and applies them to your home. Some of these benefits are, thermal Insulation, a water barrier and sound dampening. Keep scrolling to learn more about our product.

Cork Properties


One of the properties of cork is that it will not go below 0° or above 30° C. This means that the surface of your home or building will feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This creates a Thermal Break reducing your energy bills.


Non combustible does not propagate flames nor does it release incandescent particles, it is Class B fire rated.


The Corks volume is made up of 88% air. This translates to a low density, between 0.12 and 0.24 Litres/2.2 Kilogram, reducing structural concerns.


Our cork will make your home or building quieter by absorbing sound. This is why sound studios still use cork to help prevent sound reverberation.


Our product has elastic properties which means that it can expand and contract depending on the weather. Unlike stucco and paint, our product will not chip or crack.


The cork is lined with micro suction cups that permit it to adhere to the surface without allowing it to slide.


The diffusion of liquids and gases through the cork is very difficult; it allows vapors to escape to the outside through the plasmodesmos.


As our product is flexible it will absorb impact, which helps to protect any surface that it is applied on. This will extend the life or your home or building.


When the cork is stretched on one direction no deformation occurs in the Perpendicular direction. This allows it to conform to formations of other materials that it is applied to.


Modifying the water content of the facilitates its managemnet to become more elastic, and soft.


In addition to the natural forests many countries are now planting new trees for cultivation so that there is actually an increase of cork trees in the world.


During the trimming of the bark, the cork tree releases large amounts of oxygen, replenishing the air we breathe.


Our product is 100 percent cork, The bark is taken off of the tree every 8 to 10 years on average. The bark can be removed from the tree many times over 200 plus years and will not cause any damage to the tree.


Our product has been tested by labs to ensure its properties, to view the lab reports CLICK HERE

Proven in lab tests

As the world grows there has been a greater demand to make new construction products. Unfortunately, many of these products deplete our natural resources and many come with negative side effects.
Construction materials must be developed to avoid environmental degradation and to solve problems in a more efficient and sustainable way. Professionals know how weather conditions affect the environment and buildings. They also know the need for an effective and durable insulation system.
Nature, for thousands of years, has offered a product, whose unique properties make it ideal for solving many energy problems in an effective natural way.
Cork is extracted from the bark of the cork oak tree every 9 to 10 years without damaging it. We are now able to use a greener natural renewable resource that will save and last for many years.

Fight the heat and cold from outside not the inside!

Heat and cold enter your home or business from the outside.
Vipeq's Thermal CorkShield™ helps prevent heat or cold from entering, helping you save energy. The cork is a natural resource that increases your savings. It creates a thermal barrier to keep your home or business warm during the winter, and cool during the summer.