Being a single family home, the application of Green Stucco's thermal cork was a complex undertaking.  Being applied over brick and composite boarding. Green Stucco team did an outstanding job.  The finished product looks spectacular.  The thermal cork has made quite an impression on my neighbors, with a continuous stream of praise for the new appearance of our home. The thermal cork has done a super job of sealing up our home.  It has now gone through two winters and still looks stunning.  The attention to detail by the Green Stucco staff is obvious around our many windows and doors. As a company, Green Stucco has been a delight to deal with. 
I would recommend them to anyone interested in treating their home with thermal cork.  Thank you Green Stucco!

Pat Dowsett


We had your Thermal Corkshield applied to our house, which is aluminum sided. The application process was professional, every care was taken to ensure a flawless end result. The end results are a  very pleasing look. Corkshield is very durable and virtually has no maintenance.  Our utility bills have been reduced since we had the Corkshield applied. Our neighbors have commented on how much it has brightened the looks of our street and the house itself.
We are very pleased with Corkshield.

Mark Hunter

Brampton, ON

Hope you're not too busy to enjoy some of the good weather. It's been almost one year since the Thermal Corksheild was applied and we really haven't looked into how it may have impacted our heating costs. There is a noticeable improvement with the comfort level within the house and also a reduction in the outside noise traveling through the walls.  We are very happy with the appearance and the color.  People think we had new stucco applied to the house. Our installer (Mike) was professional and paid attention to small details.  We are detail oriented people and his efforts were appreciated.
Overall, we are very pleased with the Thermal Corksheild.  We would definitely recommend the product and would not hesitate to use it in the future.

Maryann & Jeff Kalibatas


We are very satisfied with the Thermal Cork Shield that your firm installed over existing cement stucco, comprising approximately 3000 square feet of our residence. The finish is beautiful and has addressed the deteriorating appearance of the stucco. We cannot attest to energy savings calculations yet as we have not done comparisons but we did notice that in summer, the building does not retain heat as it did before. As well, we noticed that outside noise seems to be less noticeable.
Thanks for an excellent job.

John Clifford & Viviane Gray


The crew from Green Stucco applied the Green Stucco Coating to most of our house last summer. This was about 6000 square feet of several different original surfaces including:
  • Old Brick (already painted with old yellow paint)
  • Old Concrete/ fiber shakes (extremely old and painted hideously)
  • New Concrete board including some joins that might have shown through and do not.
  • Old Shingles on an overhang roof Steel/Aluminum flat siding
  • Stucco (modern)
  • Brick (to visually seal and narrow a chimney stack next to the shakes)
  • Various wood windowsills we did not want to ever paint again
  • Flat Wood siding
The result is a consistent outside surface/look to the house (except where we left the chimney stack and a stone surfaced wall) that was the exact color we picked custom from the paint manufacturer. If we had used any other method to make our house look consistent, in a pleasing way, it would have cost us 3 to 5 times as much money. The original textures are only visible up-close due to the cork-based third dimension of the Green Stucco.
The crew was fastidious, and over-thorough, in their:
  • Equipment handling.
  • Roof Walking.
  • Prep Work (took days for each section to make sure everything was perfect, and protected, for the spraying)
  • Cleanup
  • Storage of Equipment
  • Safety of an all-glass greenhouse ( which can’t be easily repaired) that a story of Green Stucco was applied above.
They excelled in:
  • Communication of what was going on once started
  • Friendly service
  • Working extra hours to ensure the job was completed because the rain prevented many days of work.
We have had multiple people ask us about the product and the company over the last year. They love the idea of a paint that gives the strong impression of stucco to the point that the already-stucco does not look much different than the other surfaces.

Andrew Rice, Lyn Pritchard


I wanted to put down a few thoughts about dealing with your company and product.    Your crew was very good and did their best to accommodate issues of weather. We have been very pleased with the results. The heat gain and loss we had been experiencing were much reduced, and we were pleased enough to proceed to the next phase (recently completed) which covered the inside of our garage to effectively encapsulate all the outward facing walls of the house.    Our house is now much more comfortable in the HVAC sense and also much calmer and quieter. Also while it is difficult to determine exactly it also seems to have contributed to a few percent lower electrical bills.
We think that the investment, while not inconsequential, was worth it and all that we can say is that we wish we could have done it years ago." 


Newmarket, ON

We are the proud owners of a century home. So many stories to tell but over the years she has become part of the family. Like all of us, as she ages, she requires more care. Enter Green Stucco. We needed outside improvement as the stucco had not been repaired for many years. As with all old houses, insulation was not a priority. We had replaced all windows and doors but were looking for that extra bit of warmth in winter and cooling in summer. We read about Green Stucco in an article in the National Post. We expressed interest and were invited to see a project near us, in the works. Our house was coated in October 2016 and there is nothing but positives. Our thermostat during the winter months has been turned down a full 2 degrees and has stayed there, regardless of the outside temperature. Noise levels from outside are reduced. Before Green Stucco, in a strong wind, you could literally feel it blowing through the longer a problem. In the hot summer months, we find the house stays cooler for a longer period. We were amazed during the application process to see how lightly the product was applied.
Is our house warmer in winter and cooler in summer.?? Definitely.
We would recommend this product without hesitation. Rick and his crew were professional and did their utmost to deliver the product as promised. We have a "grand lady" of a home and she has a new coat that is ready for everything the weather can throw at her.

Paul and Lynn Taylor

Orillia, ON

I had Vipeq cork spray applied about 3 years ago, to my 1950’s double brick bungalow, which had no insulation. Vipeq had many colors to choose from, I picked my color and had it applied and it was done quickly and efficiently. Since Vipeq sprayed my home it is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. My furnace also picked up about 2 degrees. When it’s hot outside, it’s cool inside my home. When it’s cold outside, it’s warm inside my home. The cork spray doesn’t allow the transfer of heat or cold. I had great results and would recommend this product to anyone.


Scarborough, ON